The recruitment industry is one of the most competitive sectors out there, it is therefore essential to be able to stand out from the crowd. Business development is key, and by successfully implementing PR and recruitment marketing into your strategy it can help you get the edge over your competitors, making your brand the go-to choice for candidates, clients and recruiters.

This e-book consists of expert advice from the recruitment, HR and talent management specialists at BlueSky PR to help you formulate and execute an effective strategy for not only attracting candidates, clients and recruiters, but also retaining them. It looks at understanding your client’s requirements as well as the ‘ideal’ candidate, measuring the success of your campaigns, and ways to win back lost business.


What you'll learn in this e-book:

Download this ebook to learn how to effectively align your sales and marketing teams to boost productivity and increase sales.

This offer includes tips and tricks for:

  • How to attract candidates, clients and recruiters to your business
  • How to create personas for recruitment marketing
  • How to measure marketing and PR effectively
  • How to win back lost customers through marketing and PR

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