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Being a thought leader: it’s more than just a statement

It’s fairly common these days to see terms such as ‘industry’ or ‘thought leader’ used to describe a brand as a growing number of agencies seek to stand out from the market place and demonstrate that they truly are the best at what they do. But, with so many firms making the same claim, how can one business position its brand as a true thought leader?


Here are just a few ways to achieve this through PR activity:


  • Be publically opinionated: If you truly are a ‘thought leader’ you need to have an opinion that is relevant to your audience and you need to share it. By this I don’t mean have a bit of a moan to some of your close contacts in the pub. Instead, choose a number of relevant platforms – from events and conferences to blogs and features – and share your thoughts publically. If clients and candidates see your name in the latest edition of The Pharma Letter, for example, they’ll truly believe your claim to fame.


  • Choose a specialism and stick to it: Building on this, don’t fall into the trap of being an expert on anything and everything – this will devalue your credibility. While your company may have a number of divisions, one individual can’t be expected to know everything on construction hiring and healthcare resourcing, for example. Instead, having multiple spokespeople as experts in their field will put your company in high standing.


  • Back up your thoughts: Where possible, support your views with those of others in the industry. As a case in point, consider any academic commentary that’s been used in the news that could back up what you’re saying. Perhaps more importantly, consider what data you can use. This will help further position you and your company as knowledgeable experts.


  • Make the most of case studies: Finally, use any case studies you have from clients or candidates. This not only demonstrates that your arguments are truly relevant to your audience, but it’s also a great way to name drop your connections.


Of course, as thought leaders in PR for recruitment and talent management, BlueSky PR can provide your firm with tailored advice and support on this very subject. Why not get in touch with the team today to find out more.


Vickie Collinge


Author: Vickie Collinge

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