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The power duo: Content and PR in In-House Recruitment

Despite falling vacancies, skills shortages remain a core issue for businesses. In-house recruitment teams are facing tough competition for the best talent. And as the UK economy and labour market begin to show signs of optimism, no doubt attracting the best people is going to become tougher.

But that’s where high quality thought leadership content and PR can make a real difference in the coming months.

So, why is good content and PR so important for In-House Recruitment and how can it help?

  • Showcasing your employer brand: Remember those days when attracting talent meant posting a job advert on a generic website and hoping for the best? Well, those days have been and gone. Today’s world of work requires much more input to attract and engage talent. Content and PR allows firms to showcase their employer brand in a way that's as unique as a fingerprint. Crafting compelling stories about the company culture, creating spotlights on standout employees, and giving potential candidates a backstage pass to the work environment, all aid hiring. Who wouldn't want to work for you after taking a glimpse behind the scenes?

  • Building credibility and trust: In a world where trust is the holy grail of recruitment, content and PR are your trusty sidekicks. Thought leadership articles, insightful blog posts, and engaging social media content all position your business as an industry expert and thought leader. When candidates see your brand popping up with valuable content that adds value to them, they're more likely to trust you with their career aspirations.

  • Engaging your audience: Let's face it — recruitment marketing without engagement is like coffee without caffeine. Great content paired with savvy PR strategies helps engage potential candidates at every touchpoint. From eye-catching career pages to engaging blog content and interactive social media campaigns, businesses can capture attention, foster connections, and keep candidates intrigued through the right content and PR.

  • Getting the word out: You’ve got the goods — now it's time to tell the world. PR is the megaphone that amplifies your employer brand, job openings and career potential. By securing media coverage, leveraging influencer partnerships, and nailing your press releases, you can spread the word far and wide that you are an employer of choice. Imagine potential candidates everywhere whispering, "Have you heard about that amazing company?" That's the power of PR in action.

  • Attracting passive candidates: Perhaps the greatest value-add for content and PR for in-house recruitment is that it engages passive candidates. The ones who aren't necessarily looking for a new gig but could be swayed by an enticing story or a compelling company feature are waiting to hear from your company, but it requires the right approach.


Clearly there’s a wealth of benefits for content and PR for in-house recruitment teams, but how can you make the most of the opportunity? Here’s a few key tips from me:

  • Craft compelling employer brand stories: Share real stories about your company's culture, values, and standout employees through blog posts, employee spotlights, and videos.

  • Boost thought leadership: Get your leadership team involved in sharing industry insights, trends, and expertise through articles, guest blogging, and speaking opportunities.

  • PR buzz: Pitch newsworthy stories about your company to media outlets, foster relationships with industry influencers, and craft attention-grabbing press releases for key company milestones.

  • Engagement galore: From interactive social media content to informative webinars, keep your audience engaged and excited about what your company has to offer.


Content and PR aren't just buzzwords — they're the secret weapons that can really help firms to step-up their in-house recruitment game as competition for top talent heats up. Businesses need to be telling their story, showcasing their employer brand, and engaging with potential candidates in a way that's truly irresistible, memorable and relatable.

Ready to join forces with content and PR? Let's make some serious recruitment magic happen!

Contact us today or check out our PR in action case studies for more.

VickieAuthor: Vickie Collinge

Over the last 15 years Vickie has worked with many talent acquisition teams and recruitment agencies to raise their profile across their specialist areas.

Vickie is an expert in demonstrating her clients’ thought leadership and showing them how to use it. She can turn a short conversation with you into gold.


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