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Step away from the email!

In an ever connected world it is all too easy to send a press release to a journalist or email them with an idea for an

article. Indeed, I know from the many journalists I’ve built a rapport with that it is a common occurrence for internal marketing, communications and PR teams to fire across multiple emails in the hope of a quick hit.


But I implore you, please think before you email that journalist! There are so many considerations you have to ask yourself; is this the right journalist? Is this the right story for the publication? Is this the best way to contact them? Is this the best day to contact them? And so on. But none of this can really be discovered without speaking to the individual – a frustrating catch 22 situation for anyone.


And that’s where a good PR firm can add real value. The stereotype of a journalist as an extremely busy individual with short deadlines to meet, an overflowing inbox and an endless stream of nuisance calls is, I’m afraid to say, true.


But a good PR agency has not only built a relationship with the right journalists, but also knows when to call. And as my experience at BlueSky PR has taught me, investing the time to build the relationship with these key individuals means that not only do they take our calls with proverbial open arms, but they also call us seeking expert comment and even article ideas.


Our connection with key publications is our USP, and we nurture and invest in them just as any recruitment firm would do with long-standing clients. The key is that we build our business on these relationships and therefore have to devote the time required to maintaining them – something many internal marketing and PR managers will struggle with due to the numerous activities pulling them in other directions.


So why not get in touch with the team today to find out how we can help your recruitment agency or talent management firm become a leading spokesperson in your field?


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