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Making the most of your recruitment blog

It’s almost impossible to find a recruitment agency that doesn’t have a blog these days. Most recruiters are well aware of the many benefits of having a recruitment blog, however few know how to use it properly.


So how can you maintain your blog to the best standard without a huge impact on your time? Here are a few tips:


Keep it short and sharp:

The simple fact that the word ‘blog’ is the shortened term for ‘web log’ highlights that readers expect snappy articles, rather than lengthy analysis pieces. Keeping any copy short and on point will not only improve regular reader numbers and engagement, but will also prove less time consuming for you and your staff.


Have a point:

This may sound like an obvious statement, but there are numerous blogs out there that are, in essence, a one person rant on a specific issue that offers little in the way of useful information for the reader. Make sure you not only have a point that is relevant for the audience, but that you also leave readers with a piece of ‘takeaway’ advice that they can action.


Update it regularly:

Having a blog page that has very few posts or shows a series of blogs added over a short period of time, followed by weeks of inactivity will put readers off. When potential candidates or clients visit your website, chances are they will look at your blog to get the most up-to-date information. If this isn’t available, it’s likely that they will go elsewhere instead.



Building on the above point, having an outline of key topics or subjects of interest that can be used for recruitment blog posts not only helps ensure you have something published on the site regularly, but also enables the rest of the team to contribute too, reducing the headache for one individual. This means that consultants can have the chance to both recommend topics they would like to see on the blog and even write some of the posts themselves.


Share, share, share:

Having great content on your blog page is all well and good, but if the team aren’t sharing it across their social media channels you will be seriously limiting the potential reach you could achieve. Remember, you want to attract new readers, not just provide engaging content for those who already know about you.


Don’t be afraid of discussions:

People expect to be able to comment on blogs – after all it’s a platform to read and share opinions. Yes, there may be some who disagree with your views, but as long as you can professionally and coherently back up your points, generating this engagement should be viewed as a positive. After all, these are people who might not have come across your agency had it not been for your post.


Outsource your recruitment blog:

Finally, if you really want to develop a recruitment blog that has relevant content updated regularly and that’s shared across your social channels without impacting your time or that of your consultants, you could outsource it to expert content writers like the team at BlueSky PR!


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Vickie Collinge


Author: Vickie Collinge

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