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Case study: From Company Blog Post to Sky News

The company

Twenty Recruitment is one of the world’s fastest expanding independent recruitment businesses. In January 2009 while the recruitment sector was suffering from the effects of global financial meltdown, it was rewriting the rule book and setting up the next generation of recruitment business. From a standing start in the very depth of the recession, the company is profitable, has multiple business streams covering 7 industry sectors, a global client base & offices in London and New York.

The challenge

While BlueSky had secured an impressive level of press coverage in both broadsheet and sector specific press, Twenty was also keen to feature in the broadcast media in order to influence and share opinion on pertinent business issues.

The solution

BlueSky has always been of the opinion that PR is not just about the press but about creating compelling content that is not only read – but also shared.  BlueSky already created content for Twenty’s company blog and ensured that it was disseminated through other channels such as Twitter and LinkedIn.  We knew that to get the attention of broadcast journalists we had to contextualise the news and comment on something that there was already an appetite for.  As Twenty has a financial services practice – and there were several thousand column inches in the press devoted to the public backlash over bankers’ bonuses and executive pay – we piggybacked this with a blog suggesting that it was time to stop bashing the bankers as the financial services sector was really the only thing left that the UK was any good at! We ensured that it had all the relevant keywords as tags and shared it through LinkedIn and Twitter ensuring that we targeted broadcast social media channels.

This led to two interviews on Sky News with Jeff Randall debating executive pay.  Twenty’s website traffic spiked considerably on the days that the interviews went out (peak time evening) as did views on the MDs LinkedIn profile.

What the client says

“The blog allows us to almost become the media ourselves and the BlueSky team is very proactive at coming up with ideas that can be piggybacked, creating great content – and then ensuring that it is shared through all the right channels.”

Adrian Kinnersley, MD – Twenty Recruitment


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