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26 Recruitment Marketing Tips, Quips and Queries

Takeaways from the Recruitment PR & Content Workshop with BlueSky PR and Barclay Jones



Staff leave – when you buy a business you’re buying the marketing footprint and the data.


Figures from APSCo show 61% of recruiters believe next year will be a nightmare for recruiters to hire for their own teams.


How do you show your client you’re a specialist?  Content.  Be a thought leader.


The biggest challenge to recruiters is time.


Is there a shortage of candidates or just a shortage of interested candidates?


91% of marketers don’t feel that they are effective at measuring ROI.


72% marketers are inconsistent, basic or limited in content marketing.


Are your LinkedIn contacts / connection requests increasing since you published that piece of content?  That’s your ROI.  Marketers, tell your recruiters you've given them their leads, now it’s their job to convert.


Are your recruiters targeted on producing marketing content?


Do your recruiters know what your marketing department does?


Make sure all URLs in your blog posts are trackable.


Find out what your clients are interested in outside of work if you want to build a better connection and understand your client demographics.


Images boost the chances of your content being read, remembered and shared.


Share your content, share your coverage and if in doubt share it again – but don’t spam, remember to customise the post each time.


Use click bait headlines but only if you can deliver in the body.


Never use a long word where a short word will do.


You never need to say very – there are other more effective, more emotional words.


Being organised is great but it’s more important to be effective.


People are more likely to share content they’ve had a part in.


The average recruiter is afraid of blending their personal and professional social media profiles.


If you don’t tell people what you want them to do, if you’re not specific with your calls to action – then your readers just have to guess what you want them to do.


LinkedIn isn’t on the way down, it’s plateauing, there’s a difference.


Supermarket market vs. recruitment marketing: compare recipes to content and ingredients to jobs.


Don’t forget to share your jobs as well as your content – it’s what you do.


Consider where your readers when your audience is browsing your content, in front of the TV, on the train, on the toilet…


If your business card doesn’t say what you do, is there any point leaving one behind?


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Lisa Jones@LisaMariJones : "Journalists aren't interested in what you do - they are interested in what you know!" Says @BlueSkyPR at fab#RecruitmentMarketing workshop


Tracey Barrett @BlueSkyPR : "2017 has to be about fixing the job advert" - quote from @LisaMariJones at the #RecruitmentMarketing workshop#recruitment


Lisa Jones @LisaMariJones : "Recruitment is like champagne and razor blades" - great quote from @BlueSkyPR at our fab #RecruitmentMarketing workshop


Tracey Barrett @BlueSkyPR : #content needs to be: Relevant. Shareable. Discoverable. -#RecruitmentMarketing workshop with @BlueSkyPR & @LisaMariJones


Tracey Barrett @BlueSkyPR : What do #recruitment agencies need to grow? Candidates. Clients. Staff. How do you increase engagement with these people? #content #PR


Tracey Barrett @BlueSkyPR : A great #PR & #marketing strategy is all about attraction & engagement - @BlueSkyPR @Barclay_Jones#RecruitmentMarketing workshop


Tracey Barrett @BlueSkyPR : What's the #ROI of your #Recruitment #Marketing activities? @LisaMariJones @BlueSkyPR #RecruitmentMarketing workshop



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