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Why you should audit your EVP annually

The employment market is evolving rapidly, you won’t need us to tell you that. However, businesses that want to win the war for talent need to evolve their employer brand in line with it, rather than risk being left behind. Here’s why it’s so critical to regularly assess where you are carry out an EVP audit.

Employment market trends

In the past few years alone we’ve seen the rise of a number of new trends, notably the growth of flexible and home-working, but also greater demand for wellbeing support and for companies to have a stronger ethical stance, to name just a few. These are major shifts to the status quo and employers need to ensure that they’re keeping up to speed with the latest emerging trends if they are to secure the top talent.

Talent drought

However, securing those skills is easier said than done. The UK and most major Western economies are battling ongoing shortages of talent across multiple industries. The businesses that don’t engage their employer brand are going to really struggle to secure the professionals they need to ensure future prosperity.

Key retention tool

Even if your business isn’t actively looking to recruit, it’s worth remembering that an EVP can and should be used as a retention tool too. Staff that are considering leaving your business can be swayed by showcasing and reminding them of clear examples of people who have progressed through the company and the full range of benefits too.

EVP audit

And it’s not just the market that evolves, your business has too. If there is currently a clear need for specific skills it might create a need for an aligned shift in employer branding. This EVP audit will also give you the opportunity to identify where your organisational strengths and weaknesses lie and adapt your EVP to continue reflecting the reality of your company.

Let’s talk about your EVP

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