Key considerations for recruitment businesses in ‘the better normal’

2020 certainly was interesting and the future is simply change - uncertainty is the ‘new normal’.

The fact is, we are facing a completely different environment as businesses than we were expecting at the beginning of last year. And for the world of recruitment, we're at a stage now where the market has flipped. It's no longer candidate led, it is, and it will become, increasingly client led over the coming months. It is going to be clients that are dictating the market and winning new business is going to be the biggest priority for recruiters in order to really battle through, survive and thrive in a post COVID world.

But the way we see it is that we are at a stage now where we have what we call ‘return, reset and restart’. Businesses and recruiters are starting to return to the office. And in general, more people are beginning to be taken off of furlough, so, now particularly as we prepare for what 2021 brings, really is a good time for the world of recruitment to really reset and restart.

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Recruitment marketing setting the scene for 2021

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