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The Apprentice Episode 6: What a load of rubbish!

The task was trash, but the candidates couldn’t afford to be rubbish

This week’s episode was a bit rubbish. The candidates were asked to turn a profit from the things that other people throw away. They were given a van, some hi-vis jackets and sent on their way.

The key to this task was working out the logistics of how much they could charge to take away waste, how much of it they could rescue and resell, and how much they would have to pay to dispose of the rest later. Both teams were clueless and by the end of the first day, Zoe was reduced to tears! Her team hadn't managed to win any contracts, telling Glenn and Leon: 'We've had the most horrific day. We've completely messed everything up.'

While team Venture were reduced to tears, Tom and Jim on team Logic went door-to-door, asking frightened pensioners if they fancied allowing two strange men into their houses to steal all their copper piping. When this tactic came up short, they resorted to sneaking around gardens, pondering if they could get away with nicking barbecues.

After a more productive second day, it appeared that team Venture had turned things around and were in with a chance of actually winning. Unfortunately they came up just £6 short! Zoe decided to bring Edna and Susie back into the boardroom.

To give credit to Zoe, she did admit to her failings as a team leader which is very rare on this show by actually saying “I’m going to take the blame for that,” but she looked and sounded as if she was already in the taxi heading home.

Lord Sugar however seemed more rattled by Edna’s willingness to take the praise for anything that had gone right. Edna managed to hammer the final nail in her own coffin by claiming, “I train chief executives how to be better at their job,” she blared. “A person who has a budget of £5bn, I’m the individual who does the assessment on that particular person and his leadership team and I coach them to be even better at their job.”

This was the final straw and by some miracle Zoe was saved and Edna was sent packing!

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