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The Apprentice Episode 11: Who ate all the pies?

In a twist to the regular format, Lord Sugar decided to postpone the dreaded interview round in the penultimate show of the series, in favour of a fast food challenge. The candidates were set the task of creating, branding, and producing a fast food chain to determine who would reach the final boardroom.

This week really separated the men from the boys. Helen and Tom on team Logic dominated this episode with their business skills and talent. Helen was team leader and showcased her amazing organisational abilities. She also proved to be a good leader - she recognised Tom’s creative flair and allowed him to be in charge of branding when infact that was the gig she was really after.

Tom’s dyslexia in this episode proved to be the winning element when deciding on a new brand name “MyPy”. The duo decided to theme the fast food around the ‘best of British’ and focused on pie and mash – good choice. Tom demonstrated his creative abilities and his eye for detail in the branding aspect of the task as the shop had a quintessential English theme while still remaining modern.

The pair worked seamlessly together on this task. The concept was great, they knew their business plan and profit margins while at the same time creating quality food – all served to the customer in under 3 minutes! I fully expect one of these candidates to be ‘hired’ in the next episode. The only thing letting this team down were their history skills - naming the menu after famous British people and then calling the mash Christopher Columbus (who was Italian) was not the smartest of moves.

Team Venture on the other hand made a real meal of it!

After discovering Natasha had a degree in hospitality management her team mates looked thrilled. The excitement was short lived when her colleagues discovered she wouldn’t be using any of her degree knowledge in the task. With Jim in charge, Natasha and Susan’s relationship hit an all time low. The bitching and squabbling was rife and showed no signs of ceasing. Both the girls wanted to be on the branding aspect of the task, so instead of separating these children, Jim left them to get on with it while he created the food. Once left alone they continued to argue over sombreros and peppers! Failing to even come up with a name it was left to Jim to step up to the mark. Jedi Jim really was a one man band in this challenge, having to control Susan and Natasha who turned into the ugly sisters, leaving Jim, aka Cinders in the kitchen.

Jim’s mathematical abilities did take a battering though. Where was the calculator when Jim needed it? It certainly wasn’t in his head. To multiply 60 by £7 and to arrive at an hourly turnover of £4,800 was embarrassing. To do it in front of an audience of industry experts when you’re pitching to win was cringeworthy.

The food was cold, there was no business plan, profit margins were not calculated and the food took over 10minutes to reach the customers – the winners of this task were clear to everyone.

Back in the boardroom Lord Sugar made the well over due decision to fire Natasha. After showing signs of brilliance during the magazine challenge, Natasha has done little but repeat the word ‘yeah’ at least a million times. I’m glad she went, yeah!

So that leaves the final four - the inventor, the leader, the salesman and the beauty product queen. The final episode will finally reveal the candidates business plans – I can’t wait!

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