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The Apprentice Episode 10: Duvetgate

Reinvestment was the name of the game in this week’s apprentice task which saw a week of first’s for the show; first coup, first fine and first punishment. Lord Alan Sugar gave each team £250 of wholesale goods with the goal of reinvesting. They needed to go and sell, then buy more of the best sellers and sell sell sell. It’s what every business, from sole trader to multinational, does every minute of the day – surely this would be a simple task for the business elite? Well you would be surprised!

Helen’s Hostile Takeover

The competitive edge in all of the candidates cranked up a notch this week. Usually well mannered and very polite Helen revealed her ruthless side and tried to stage a coup. Despairing of project manager Melody’s performance on the previous day, Helen decided to put herself forward and take on the PM role for the rest of the task in order to benefit the team! To give credit to Melody, she did handle this very well, “Well no to that” and pretended the situation hadn’t happened, while poor Tom looked incredibly uncomfortable throughout the meeting.


Duvetgate became a key feature of the latest episode. After being instructed to sell to the masses and then reinvest, team Logic took the bizarre approach and targeted retailers who had access to the same wholesalers as them – genius! After missing the point again and visiting a pound shop, and offering the owner £25 watches to sell, Melody and Helen became fixated on selling duvets to an independent shop in Hackney. After convincing the owner to buy 10 duvet sets, he stated if they had more he would buy them. Thinking that this was a great strategic move the team forgot to sell to the public and concentrated on duvets. After discovering that the linen wholesalers had closed they sent Helen on a 4 hour round trip to buy 30 more sets of duvets. However by the time they managed to do this the independent shop in Hackney was closed – FAIL!


The boardroom saw dramatic scenes when Lord Sugar unleashed his rage at the candidates. Having listened to the duvetgate scandal, Lord Sugar asked to hear Team Venture’s strategy. After learning that Natasha had ignored her team mates concerns and only reinvested £20 on the second day, Lord Sugar hit the roof. He fined her team £100 on the spot for missing the point of reinvesting and ranted about her behaviour. After the final results were revealed, Team Venture managed to still win with the £100 fine. The teams triumph was short lived as Lord Sugar revealed how unhappy he was with their win. Scolding the team, Lord Sugar’s rebuke mainly focused on Natasha and he decided to not give them the treat for winning the task, instead leaving them to sulk off back to the house.

This episode revealed the true colours of candidates and brought out the best and worst in them. Jedi Jim returned on top form with his Irish charm offensive (thank god he’s back) and Nick even claimed to like him. Tom also managed to impress, working hard to sell their stock of nodding dogs to the public. However Natasha came across as bitchy and as an ineffective salesperson. In an attempt to deflect her ineptitude she began exerting her authority over easy target Susan, reminding her that she was the decision maker. Giggly and hyperactive Susan had done nothing to deserve the outbursts and managed to sell successfully throughout the day. While Helen’s ruthless tactics to get her ahead of the game showed her to be callous.

Melody Hossaini’s ego however got the better of her in the end and the multi-millionaire could no longer tolerate her errors or listen to another of her speeches - she was fired. The final 5 have secured their place in next week's task which will sort the men from the boys as the candidates will be running a fast food business – I can’t wait!

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