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Using Media Coverage as a Marketing Tool.

The constant evolution of social media means the way in which we communicate with each other is changing at an accelerating pace. And while traditional media continues to maintain its standing in the industry landscape, sites such as Twitter and Facebook can now boast the advantages of being more up to date and considerably easier to access.


Brand Communication


As a result social media has become a key pillar of brand communication. On these sites content is often targeted at a specific audience and active engagement is facilitated by the ability to easily share and respond to posts. So in sharing an article you’re not just increasing its reach and making it readily available for your target audience – but also drawing upon the merits of both the social and traditional landscapes, providing your audience with material from dependable sources that can be easily accessed and shared.


Brand Engagement


The aim of most social media strategies is to encourage potential clients and candidates to engage with the brand, so really the objective should be to direct to users to content on your own website. Posting links to coverage to a news feed on your website and placing them alongside industry specific resources is great way to position yourself as a thought leader.


Brand Differentiation


Key industry specific coverage can also be used to differentiate your company from competitors. Pieces published by niche industry outlets can be used to demonstrate expertise in a certain area or on a specific topic. Just by bringing these pieces to meetings with potential clients you’re adding an extra element of credibility to your pitch, which may help win you the assignment. Especially if they’ve seen a number of other companies with potentially similar pitches.


Using media coverage as a marketing tool can do more than just increase its reach, it can also help you position your company as a thought leader and improve brand engagement. So tweet it. Share it on Facebook. Post it on your website. But whatever you do, don’t just leave it in a folder on a desk.


For more on the impact of sharing coverage from our managing director Tracey Barret, visit http://bit.ly/1Nwb0uk

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