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3 reasons why your recruitment agency should outsource social media

“Should we be outsourcing our social media?” That is a topic many recruitment agencies are currently having internal discussions on around the country.

And it’s not hard to see why – research from the Aberdeen Group shows that 73% of 18-34 year olds found their last job via social media, whilst Deloitte predicts that digitally savvy millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025.

With the number of social media users growing exponentially – currently sitting at 3.48 billion globally in 2019 – social media has the potential to develop your brand’s profile, showcase its expertise and generate thousands of leads, no matter what your firm’s speciality is. But only if it is managed correctly.

Here are three reasons why outsourcing your recruitment firm's social media could benefit your business.

Social media expertise

For social media to be a success and support your recruitment firm in achieving its objectives, you will need to have a highly knowledgeable individual managing your channels.

From knowing the basics, such as the optimum amount of hashtags to use on each platform, through to managing paid campaigns and producing a measurable strategy, social media management requires someone with a wealth of expertise.


The world of social media is constantly evolving with new features, policy updates and algorithm changes rolled out on a regular basis. Can your employees keep abreast and make use of the latest developments whilst also focusing on their core job functions?

And that’s without including the hours needed to manage a successful campaign. Brainstorming ideas, producing content, analysing results, even simply scheduling your firm’s social media posts can be an incredibly time-intensive process.

Would your team be more productive in their roles if you outsourced social media?


With the average UK salary for a social media manager £33,065 per year, it would require a significant investment to hire someone with the skills, knowledge and qualifications needed to successfully manage your social media presence.

In comparison, outsourcing is far more cost-effective than paying a full-time salary and you are guaranteed someone who possesses the social media expertise that your business needs to succeed.

Is your recruitment firm looking to outsource its social media? Find out about our range of social media management and consultancy services.

Dan StobbsAuthor: Dan Stobbs

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