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PR: Outsourced or in-house?

If there’s one thing we can guarantee to be asked in PR it’s this: why should I outsource to you rather than manage it myself? While it’s completely understandable that business owners will feel reluctant to put their reputation in the hands of others, my argument is that they should.

Yes, I’m sure many of you are thinking “well she would say that wouldn’t she” but let me explain why.

Let the experts be the experts

We each have our own job to do. For firms involved in the talent management arena, the focus of every member of staff will be winning new clients and growing their network. As a result, writing the next company blog or an article for a leading industry-specific publication will be at the bottom of their priority list – even if it is beneficial for business growth.

And, of course, there’s the further issue of feeling comfortable approaching a journalist in the first place and finally putting the metaphorical pen to paper to write a feature for a publication. Given that editors and reporters move constantly, freelancers come and go and news platforms spring up continuously, knowing who to target with what information is a time-consuming practice. One that will certainly be put on the back burner by individuals with an already overloaded to-do list.

PR agencies can remove the burden

The simple fact is, any good PR agency should become an extension of you and your firm, rather than be viewed as an outside operation. They need to be embedded in everything you do and you should be able to trust them – and you need to give them that chance up-front in order to prove they can achieve this.

Here at BlueSky PR, we get to know our clients, we become part of their firm and we embed ourselves in their culture. As such, we are able to not only honestly represent their brand with article suggestions, but also write content on their behalf. And our experience and connections mean we have the relationships already developed to get our clients in the publications they desire.

Still don’t believe me? Here’s what Juliet Eccleston, Co-Founder of AnyGood? has to say:

Is your recruitment firm looking to outsource its PR? Get in touch with BlueSky PR and see how we can help today.

Vickie Collinge

Author: Vickie Collinge



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