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How to win back lost customers through marketing and PR

Given the very nature of recruitment, losing a client to a competitor is a tough, but rather common situation, particularly as prices become increasingly competitive. However, all is not lost. Rather than bemoan the fact that the client has moved on (even if you know they are prioritising money over quality), why not take a more strategic approach?

You’ll likely have plenty of other highly engaged clients who value your agency – use them to your advantage to not only win clients back, but engage with new ones as well. Produce case studies of the results you’ve delivered to these businesses, focusing your attention on how only your agency could achieve this. If you’ve recently lost accounts to lower priced competitors, place an emphasis on the return on investment your clients have noted – including the added value that they received from using your agency over others.

And, perhaps more importantly, share this content far and wide. Get people liking and talking about the case studies across your networks. Consider the hashtags you’re using as well. Look back at posts from your previous clients’ accounts and use any relevant ones to ensure they see the content you’re sharing.

Yes, this does sound very much like bragging about your social life after a break up to show them what they’re missing, but if it works….

At the end of the day, you have to be savvy when it comes to enticing clients back. And rather than slip into the financial bidding war that could see your agency lose out, using targeted PR and marketing activity to brag about how good your firm is – backed up by facts, of course – can do no harm.

How are you using case studies to win clients and entice old ones back? If the answer is ‘not at all’ – get in touch!

Vickie CollingeAuthor: Vickie Collinge

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