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Why your EVP needs a shake-up in a post-Covid landscape

While not quite as much has shifted post-COVID as many expected during the height of the pandemic, it’s obvious that some areas of life have changed dramatically, perhaps most notably, the employment market.

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows that 84% of workers, who were previously office-based but had to work from home because of the pandemic, said that they planned to carry out operating on a hybrid basis, while fifty of the largest UK employers have said they have no plans to return all staff to the office full-time in the near future. There have also been changes to where people are working, and how they are working too, and the demands of the workforce have also shifted following a tumultuous few years. You therefore need to consider changing your EVP to reflect this changing landscape.

EVPs for recruitment and retention

Another contributing factor to the changing world of employment is the impact of skills shortages and the legacy of ‘the great resignation’. Candidates are now aware that they’re operating in a market where their skills are in significant demand, meaning that they ultimately hold much of the power in many employer-employee relationships. And while hiring top talent without a good employer brand will be a major challenge, it should be remembered that a robust EVP is also not just a recruitment tool, but also one that can be used for retention, which is particularly important in light of the ongoing skills shortages. This means getting your EVP right can save significant costs and time when keeping employees working for you too.

But what is the post-COVID workforce looking for from an employer?

The pandemic created a lot of anxiety for everyone, and consequently, professionals are now looking for more assurance and stability from their employers. This means focusing on the long-term benefits provided as part of the job packages you’re offering, and the wider support network your organisation gives to its staff, are key factors to build into your EVP.

Post-pandemic, we have also seen that many professionals want more of a say in the way their company is run as well as ensuring that their employer is operating with an ethical supply chain in place and is contributing to reducing carbon emissions where possible.

Build in flexibility

Flexibility is a factor that become even more important in the post-COVID world. More people are working on a hybrid basis than ever before, and also want flexibility with their working schedule and much more. Firms that don’t offer this will be left behind by their rivals that do, but it’s worth remembering to design policies that are as beneficial as they are feasible. You also need to tailor this approach and allow for differences of opinion as there are generational variations to factor in. For example, over 55s are apparently the group most likely to want to work from home permanently, while 16-24-year-olds favour full-time office working,

Changing your EVP

There’s also now a much greater focus on wellbeing at work than there was just a few years ago. Professionals expect their employers, particularly larger firms, to offer outside-of-work mental and physical support and to have access to networks that can enable them to manage their wider wellbeing effectively. This is likely to form a key tenet of many EVPs in the future and employers that haven’t managed to update their brand offer will likely fall behind.

It's worth remembering that your EVP needs to evolve with the times and the motivating factors of the areas of the workforce that it is ultimately targeting. Businesses can’t afford to stand still and not adjusting your EVP to these new market conditions could leave your organisation trailing behind its competitors in what is a very different market to the one pre-pandemic. Get in touch if you would like to speak to us about developing your EVP.

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