While every recruitment professional should know why candidates need to build a strong personal brand, many fail to invest time in cultivating and maintaining their own or are simply too shy to put their views and insights out there.

However, with social media users spending more time than ever online because of the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing measures, personal branding is growing in importance as a very effective way of developing a positive reputation from the comfort of your own home (or office).

This ebook looks at how recruitment professionals can develop an effective personal brand using social media. It contains expert advice looking at the benefits that a strong personal brand can deliver, the key steps you should take and the mistakes you should avoid making.

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why your personal brand is even more important in 2021

What you'll learn in this ebook:

Download this ebook to learn key steps you should take to build your personal brand and the mistakes you should avoid making.


  • The demographics of each social media platform
  • How your personal brand can support your employer brand
  • What content you should be posting
  • Social media posts that have damaged personal brands

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