Stephanie King from BlueSky PR in the Telegraph on Alternative Recruitment

Stephanie King, Head of BlueSky PR’s Recruitment, HR & Talent Management Practice, discusses alternative recruitment methods versus traditional recruitment methods - The Telegraph

Additional quotes from Steph on alternative vs. traditional recruitment

What alternative method of recruitment do BlueSky PR use and how does it work on a practical level?

"We’ve hired a few members of the team via group recruitment days.  This gives people the opportunity to demonstrate their aptitude to a career in PR far more easily than a standard interview would, by allowing candidates to conduct mock client interviews and journalist pitches.  This works particularly well at graduate level as candidates also go away with a better understanding of the role than they would from a standard interview.

We also ask for samples of potential candidates writing or for them to perform a writing test, which enables us to see very quickly whether a candidate is worth taking any further in the process."

Why do BlueSky PR use alternative recruitment methods rather than traditional methods?


"We use these methods in addition to and alongside traditional recruitment methods, to reduce the time to hire, to get a better idea of candidates real world abilities, to see how they perform as part of a team and their communication skills, and in the case of Skype interviews for greater convenience."


How successful has this method been?


"Most of our team have partaken in writing tests as part of their interview process and many of our hires in the last few years were part of group assessment days.  We have yet to hire a candidate we’ve interviewed via Skype but we have no doubt that we will do so in the future."


Do BlueSky PR see any place for traditional methods in the future?

"There will always be a place for a traditional application via CV, followed by a multi-step interview process, especially where someone has sent in a speculative application and no role has been advertised."

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