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The essential guide to social media for universities and business schools

With an increasing number of students and potential students spending a significant amount of their time on social media platforms, it has become a crucial avenue to engage and connect with them. By utilising social media, your institution has the opportunity to present its unique offerings in a captivating and relatable manner.

Your social media content serves as a gateway to showcase the diverse aspects of your institution. From highlighting the exceptional academics and esteemed faculty to showcasing the vibrant student life and exciting athletic programs, social media allows you to paint a comprehensive picture of what sets your institution apart.

Download our guide to find out best practice across each platform, to see examples of what's working for your competitors and for ideas on how to update your social media strategy.


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Is it time to get on TikTok?

What you need to know about one of the most popular platforms today.

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How to increase your LinkedIn followers

Amplify your brand and culture, carve out thought leadership, and make meaningful connections.

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Who's killing it on Instagram?

Who's capturing their audience with their storytelling and engaging content? 

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Is Facebook still relevant?

It’s been touted on many occasions that Facebook is “dead,” but the truth is that it’s still very much alive and growing.

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Communicating via YouTube

Promoting programmes and providing information to students.

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Does your institution need Twitter (X)?

It may have been the first social media network to have breaking news released directly on the platform but a lot has changed.