Planning your education PR strategy through COVID

Navigate these unprecedented times with quality media coverage


Join BlueSky Education's university and business school PR experts for a free on-demand webinar

We've been in conversations with key journalists and editors regarding the current media climate and the education PR opportunities this creates.

We've polled readers across social media to find out whether there is an appetite for content that doesn't focus on COVID-19.

And in this webinar we will be pulling together these insights while discussing the impacts the coronavirus crisis has had on university and business school communications so far, along with tips and tricks for how to plan your strategy moving forwards. Focusing on:

  • Meeting your goals
  • Achieving high quality media coverage
  • Promoting academic research
  • Engaging with the media
  • Talking about topics outside COVID-19

Hosted by

Stephanie Mullins
Associate Director of the Education Practice and a formally (NCTJ) accredited journalist with extensive experience in managing communications outreach for business schools and universities around the world. Secures strategic relationships with key industry players, from accrediting bodies and ranking specialists to renowned editors and academics.
Adrian Barrett
Director, experienced PR professional and gifted writer, with a no-nonsense approach to communication. He has written widely in the fields of education and HR management for media around the world. Adrian enjoys considerable success helping clients to adapt their thoughts and opinions for op-eds in publications such as The Financial Times or Forbes.

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