Getting coverage for your institution's research within the higher and business education sector is more competitive than ever before with a multitude of papers being released on an array of interesting topics. This only highlights the importance of being able to break through the noise and shout about the important work your school has conducted, ensuring they get the necessary coverage and exposure.

BlueSky Education has compiled this e-book of expert advice to help you make your communications strategy for your institute as effective as possible. It includes tips and tricks on writing relevant and engaging content that will be picked up by the press, how to build your relationship with journalists, and advice for dealing with media enquiries or crises.


  • How to write a viral press release on academic research
  • How to write a headline that gets clicks
  • How to utilise news trends to gain great coverage for your institution
  • How to effectively engage with a journalist
  • How to utilise social media to gain greater exposure for your coverage 

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