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Why I decided on a career in PR

Hi there, my name’s Jake and I’ve recently become a member of the BlueSky team!

If you had asked me what I wanted to do when I was a child, I’d probably have responded by telling you I was going to be a footballer, rapper or actor. PR was definitely not on my radar. However, as I realised I couldn’t run with a ball, rap or act, I was forced to look elsewhere. In hindsight, I think the skills needed for a career in PR have been with me for a long time. I’ve always been an avid reader and writer and the opportunity to channel that into a career is something that appealed to me very much.

After an exciting and intense 4 years at Manchester University studying English Literature, I began working in business development, probably because I needed a break from reading and writing! I learnt a lot from the experience, however, as time went on, I found that my brain was beginning to melt, and the urge to use my writing and communication skills returned with a vengeance.

Deciding to leave the world of cold calling and data behind, I’ve ended up at BlueSky. Despite having no experience in PR other than a short internship, the team has welcomed me with open arms and has been getting me up to speed very quickly! I’ve only been here two days, yet I’ve taken in a huge amount of information (and a few glasses of red wine at a BlueSky away day). The company culture seems both relaxed and hard-working, with a strong emphasis on learning. I hope to be able to both learn and grow as much as possible in my time here, whilst also adding as much value as I can to the company. I look forward to the challenge.

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Author: Jake Galland

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