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Why I chose PR

‘So what are you going to do with your life?’ asks your least favourite relative, two days after graduation.

This was the question I dreaded as a student. Pursuing an English Literature degree had its advantages; I got to hone my writing skills, think creatively and do a lot of independent research. However, career direction was definitely not one of the assets of the course. As a result I was faced with going into the big wide world with essentially no idea what I was going to do with myself.

It was towards the end of my second year at uni that I finally started to think seriously about my job prospects. I began by trying to pinpoint my strengths and interests. Drinking wine and watching Mock the Week were some of the first things to pop into my head but, unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is willing to pay me to do that. An interest in current affairs though, was something I could work with (sadly, without the wine). It was then that I started to consider PR. All I knew at that point was that it would involve a lot of writing and working with the press, both things I could see myself enjoying.

After a bit of digging I started to realise that PR was actually a lot more than that. Yes, it was writing content, but it was also about being savvy about news trends, building positive networking relationships and providing genuinely honest, helpful advice to clients. The way that a career in PR blends creativity with corporate professionalism was something that really drew me in. Thankfully, my first week at BlueSky has confirmed all this for me. The team made me feel comfortable right away and I’ve been taking part in really thorough training to properly understand the differing needs of our clients and the way the media functions.

It’s great to come to the office and feel like everyone there really enjoys the work they’re doing. It’s not difficult to be enthusiastic when your job involves talking to professors about cutting edge academic research or writing articles on MBA graduates who have achieved amazing things in far-flung areas of the globe. I’ve already learned so much but I know there’s a lot more I’ve got to get stuck into. That’s what makes it interesting. No one could accuse a PR role of not being fast-paced and I’m looking forward to keeping up.

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Author: Charlotte Skeggs

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