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Not just a company. More like a family. Just not in a ‘Godfather’ way

Every company has its own, individual identity and BlueSky is no exception. All that good stuff we’re proud of like being the leaders in PR for recruitment, HR and the business and higher education sectors, not just here in the UK, but in key markets around the world. Like our funky new office, our eclectic art collection and the stuffed elephant perpetually emerging from the kitchen. But the best companies are not just about ‘brand’, they’re about people. Which is why, in a way, they are also like families.  And right now BlueSky couldn’t be more like a family because we’re not only producing great work and great results for our clients, we also seem to be producing children regularly.


Fortunately they don’t seem to be cluttering up the shop-floor as yet (the crèche won’t be quite ready for a while) and they do have the unfortunate side effect of taking some of our people out of the line for a while, but we’ve come to live with and positively embrace it.


One of our star players has just come back after adding to the population for the second time, and tomorrow another heads off to have her first go at the never-ending process (unless, that is, she’s been kidding us for the past several months by sticking a cushion up her shirt….). It’s a fact of life (no pun intended) that this sort of thing will happen and, if you want to attract and retain the best people in your field a revolving door is the only way to do it. So welcome back Carly and au revoir Vickie. And good luck with your pending new arrival – just try not to bore us too much with the lovely baby photos!

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