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A new member of the BlueSky PR team: Fahida Begum

Hello everyone, I’m Fahida, the newest member of the BlueSky PR team! I have joined the crew as a content writer and I’m very much looking forward to getting stuck in!

A passion for writing

What lead me through the BlueSky PR doors is the same thing that lead me to study journalism at college and university: my passion for writing, media and researching everything. I’ve always known that I’d like a job that involves working with the press, building rapport and that encourages me to be creative. That makes being a content writer for PR quite a compatible option!

During my degree I studied a variety of modules from science and the environment to arts and culture, religion and politics. I loved the process of researching these topics and turning them into newsworthy pieces of journalism that are informative and hopefully entertaining too. Outside of university, I volunteered at local radio station Reprezent Radio as a broadcast producer, which landed me in some exciting opportunities such as filming for BBC Asian Network!

After I graduated from my journalism degree at City University of London, I spent the next few months travelling around South East Asia and India taking in the culture, speaking broken English with strangers and documenting my journey on YouTube. During my many night train journeys and sketchy bus trips, I had plenty of time to think about the sort of career I wanted when I returned home. I was open-minded about the job title as long as the tasks were challenging, thought-provoking and meaningful!

While travelling I kept connected to the western world by keeping up to date with the news. This is when I started to think more deeply about how people, businesses and topics are portrayed to the public, which eventually lead me to public relations. When researching what the typical day looks like in PR, I soon learned that there isn’t one…which is exactly when I got hooked.

The world of recruitment

I took a chance with BlueSky PR and to my surprise, I realised how fascinated I was by the recruitment world! The issues that impact recruitment such as diversity, mobility and technology are all issues that impact myself and more or less every Gen Z. Many of the recruitment firms and associates are encouraging conversations about innovation, fairness and shaping equality in a number of industries around the world. There are plenty of interesting clients here at BlueSky PR such as RIDI and The Supply Register that deserve first-class exposure and coverage.

The term synchronicity was coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung and is a concept of “meaningful coincidences”. My position here at BlueSky PR reminds me of my random and out of character decision to base my multi-media dissertation piece on digital nomadism and the impact it will have on the future of work. I surprised myself by choosing this topic as the majority of my work has been centred around entertainment (particularly music). As I learned more about digital nomadism while making my video, I became more intrigued in the discussion on the future of recruitment. However, once I handed in my project, I never visited the topic again in depth. I find it funny how a few years later this topic has crept back into my life and my professional career. It makes me think, perhaps this is the field I am supposed to be writing about.

As my first week comes to an end, I am proud to say that I am a part of an intelligent and friendly team that love what they do. I am fortunate that so many people here have given me their time and shared their knowledge with me. As a complete newbie to the PR world, I am eager to learn more about the industry, start creating engaging content and becoming a mini recruitment expert.

Wish me luck!

Author: Fahida Begum

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