Latest PR initiative offers food for the mind and body

The idea is simple. A member of the team hosts a session to teach the rest of us about a particular topic that’s relevant to our roles in public relations. This person may have been on a training course, and tells us all about what they’ve learnt, or the subject might be based on something that they’re already an expert in.


It’s food for the mind, as well as the body.


For the inaugural lunch, I shared my experiences on a recent training course called ‘Planning and Managing PR Campaigns’.


I enjoyed leading this session and I hope my colleagues learnt from it. We ate, talked, and socialised over a ham sandwiches. ‘Lunch and Learn’ brought us together and gave us an opportunity to spend a little more time doing something different. Ask questions. Share stories.


All good things. Which leads me to ask…


What did you do with your lunch break?


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