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Introducing Luke Kerin

After graduating with a journalism degree from the University of Sheffield in June, I quickly came to the scary realisation that I had no clue what was next for me. For the first time in my life, I couldn’t call myself a student, and it was definitely a frightening thought to say the least.

Throughout my last year at university, I focused much of time into my role as Media Secretary with the University’s rugby league side and devoted myself to creating different types of content for my degree. I hadn’t necessarily spent too much time worrying about what I would do once my time in Sheffield ended and when that time came, I certainly felt a bit lost.

In this period, I spent months applying for jobs I had very little to no interest in and eventually decided to train to be a teacher. I wanted a role that I could dedicate myself towards and to challenge me, whilst providing myself with a year to see how things would go before making any definitive decisions on my chosen career path. Yet, after a few months of explaining seven plus two to 30 screaming five year olds, I decided that I perhaps didn’t quite have the patience to deal with the constant headache every day.

I was back to the drawing board again and thought it was probably best if I took my time to consider what I would truly enjoy to do. I began researching different career options and PR seemed like the perfect fit. I had always enjoyed writing and working as part of a team to produce content throughout my degree, however it didn’t quite provide me with the creativity I desired. On the other hand, PR would allow me to build long term relationships with not only my team but with clients, while allowing me to continue to use many of the media skills I had learnt from my degree. This along with the great reputation BlueSky have in their field made the role hugely desirable to me.

The variation in academic research and the individual needs of each client with BlueSky seemed very appealing and I am delighted to be able to begin my career with the company.