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Continuing to grow my knowledge & passion for the recruitment industry

Next year will be my third year in the recruitment industry, but for the last month instead of being a recruiter I’ve been working with BlueSky promoting the use of PR in the recruitment space. I previously worked in a marketing-based recruitment firm specialising in PR and communications, so it’s ironic that I now work in a PR agency! I loved my job and the industry but I was ready for a new challenge and something a little different. I wasn’t quite sure what, but I was keen to stay within the recruitment sector as this was my passion.

I’ve always loved speaking to people and building new and existing relationships. One of the main things that drew me into recruitment was working in a partnership with different clients and achieving a shared end goal. I was looking for that same satisfaction but with a slightly different perspective.

When I came across the position at BlueSky I couldn’t believe how perfect the role was for me (as a bonus it cut out the London commute too!). It seemed like the perfect next step in my career, building on my previous experience and adding value to recruitment businesses. I’m continuing to grow my knowledge and passion for the recruitment industry, finding out even more about the sector than I knew beforehand.

The recruitment industry is constantly moving and is fast growing. Tech is playing a massive part and has done within the last ten years, and its exciting to be part of an agency that help the recruitment sector thrive. The transition has been great, I have learnt so much already and the team have been so welcoming. I have already found my feet and am excited for what the next few months will bring!

Author: Izzy Carnell