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The biggest threats to recruiters

We recently surveyed recruitment directors to find out what's keeping them awake at night.  It turns out their biggest fear is the threat both internal recruiters and RPOs present to their market share.

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Time to hire was also a key concern for both internal and external recruiters and should therefore be a key area both sides work on together to reduce. Recruitment processes need to be well thought out and fit for purpose so that your candidate experience can be one that you can hold up to your clients as an example of best practice. However, a Rec2Rec consultancy told us that the reason most candidates don’t join a recruiter is down to the recruitment process – which is pretty embarrassing given the sector we are in.


Other worries keeping recruitment directors awake at night include the ability to recruit their own staff.  The Deloitte and The Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo) UK Recruitment Index similarly found that, “the main issue impacting the growth of the UK recruitment businesses has remained access to talent with 61 per cent of respondents citing increasing headcount as their main challenge.”


Government legislation is another key concern for recruiters at the moment, especially where Brexit is concerned and the uncertainty surrounding the future of current EU employment regulations.


The most common fears listed under “other” included fear of missing opportunities (or FMO) and for some there was no one overriding factor keeping them awake, instead, it was a combination of all the key factors:

  • Threats to market share from internal hiring departments / RPOs
  • Time to hire
  • Quality of hire
  • Ability recruit staff internally
  • Government legislation


Read our "What keeps you awake at night?" report to see the full picture and the results when we asked the same question to internal recruiters.


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