BlueSky’s Top Tips for creating valuable content


We live in a world where it’s never been easier to quickly access and share information. This has meant that it’s vital to make your organisation’s voice heard to your clients and candidates through the wall of noise. So how do you create content that stands out from the crowd?


1) Make it engaging


Hundreds of HR and recruitment firms will be making their presence felt in the same arenas you would expect to be battling in. One thing you can do to get ahead is make your content interesting to the audience it’s supposed to be targeting. Whether this is through blogging or comment pieces, it’s important to say something that people actually want to read. Creating surveys and indexes are a particularly good way of generating valuable content and should get attention for your organisation.


2) Make sure it's topical and relevant


One of the best ways of getting meaningful coverage from the media you want to be covered by is to discuss topical issues. Talk about subjects that are in the public eye at the moment and try to link them to the challenges that are affecting your clients. This is an effective way of getting publicity for your organisation and can help make you into a thought leader in your industry.


While it may be nice to show your family your comment in the Financial Times, it will often be more productive to get coverage in sector specific press. Try to target publications that discuss the key issues in your industry and sector and look to secure coverage with them. This way you will be getting read by a concentrated target audience of potential clients and customers rather than a larger, less business relevant audience.


3) Utilise social media


Social media has made the gap between company and customer smaller than it’s ever been. While this presents a number of challenges it also allows you to interact with the people who affect your business quicker and easier than ever before. Rather than just sending out a stream of consciousness you should look to actively communicate with your followers, this creates an attractive brand image for a consumer and gives the impression of a friendly and welcoming company.

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