Want 10 more years? Play games

Business on the rise or fall, wobbly education systems, healthcare and the USA Government shutdown, I get it! We are all really busy and rightfully so, but is there any time to play games these days at all? Extensive research points out that games can actually increase life span!



Iwhat doesn't kill me makes me smaller am not a big gamer, in fact, other than my sporadic 'board game nights', I do not play games at all. But should I?  Jane McGonigal (author of ‘Reality is Broken; Why do games make us better and how they can change the world’ ) strongly advises that games can prolong life. And she has facts to back it up.


Clinical trials reveal that games can outperform pharmaceuticals in curing clinical depression and anxiety. Furthermore studies show that parents playing games with their children develop stronger real-life relationships. Just to spice things up a little more, online games seem to be the ideal friendship management tool (I wonder how that works out!).


You might wonder how games manage to do this. Simple; they build up four types of resilience essential to improving the health of your heart, lungs and brain: physical resilience, mental resilience, emotional resilience and social resilience. People that regularly work on boosting their resilience, as well as thinking positively, can increase their life span by as long as 10 years!


Now, as good as that might sound, McGonigal is an online game developer and she strongly encourages everyone to play online games, for all of the above reasons. But to me, she did not quite sell it! I am not a massive fan of online gaming and frankly, I would much rather play a game of tag than build an online empire. Nevertheless, the fact remains, having fun by playing or having fun as a result of playing, on-line or off-line, does us good. So why don’t we all take some time to do it?


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