Video Marketing and the Curse of the Bad Directors

Business schools and universities seem to have finally started using the power of video marketing. It now has a leading role in their strategy when marketing their brand, student experience and vast amount of knowledge and learning they are sitting on. But not many are doing it right. So where are they going wrong? Here are the top four things to think about before you let your inner Spielberg loose.

Their videos are too long

Average attention spans have reduced from 12 seconds to 8.25 seconds since 2000 and are only getting shorter. The optimal video length is between two and three minutes. Short is better, less is more. Yet many online videos from major players in the business and higher education sectors seem to have been put together by Marcel Proust.

They don’t address the viewer

Instead of talking directly to an interviewer or trying to be cinematically quirky and placing the camera to one side to get a ‘look into the distance’ angle, move away from the cosy chat that excludes the viewer and address the camera directly, involving those who are watching.

They use the wrong people

It’s not about brains, it’s about engaging with the audience. Select someone based on their ability to communicate clearly, who is easy to listen to and photogenic. You may have all the qualifications in the world but the camera doesn’t know that, nor will the viewer once they exit the video after ten seconds.

The videos are too static or clichéd

No one seems to get the balance right, it’s either a classic student video involving a sped up walk around campus followed by a huddle around a laptop or a monotonous shot of a professor who seems to be sat in what looks like a wardrobe.


So, if you’re going to start using video to market your brand, remember: keep them short, engage the audience, cast the right people and avoid clichés!

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