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Helping people in need? Why we're offering free PR for student projects

After Typhoon Haiyan devastated areas across the Philippines, a project spearheaded by MBA students from The National University of Singapore set to restore clean water to those worst hit.


Sounds like a project worthy of publicity, right? We thought so!


BlueSky Education has developed a dedicated service to provide pro bono PR support to a business school in our ‘give something back’ project. The winning NUS initiative from the first competition has since featured in a wide range of media across the world, including The Atlantic’s City Lab and The Times of India.


Now we’re looking for imaginative and robust ideas again!


Aiming to improve the lives of disadvantaged people anywhere around the globe, it could be a social enterprise, educational programme, or humanitarian undertaking. We’re open to suggestions! What is really important is the idea must be capable of translating into action – mere aspiration isn’t enough.


To take part, ideas must be submitted by Monday 11th January 2016. Make your case in 500 words or less and email us at prcompetiton@bluesky‐pr.com. We’ll need to know the school and programme of study too.


The winner will get a free day and a half of our time per month for a period of six months starting February 2016. We’ll provide strategic communications advice and secure coverage in international media to help make the venture as effective as possible.


All entries will be acknowledged and the winner will be announced on Monday 18th January 2016.


Enter now!


Find out more HERE in the latest issue of Wildfire and enjoy the most up-to-date insights from BlueSky in the world of business education.

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